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Digital image of a brake system

When do you need brake replacements?

Offering a range of different solutions to the problems that brakes face, you can depend on our mechanics in Paisley to ensure that when you're driving along, you can do so safely and in a controlled manner.


When you press the pedal down on your brakes, they need to react immediately. If you can hear a grinding, that means you'll need to get in touch with us for the brake replacements you need. Alternatively, if one of your pads is sticking and is causing you to veer to one side when you try to stop, we can repair them efficiently and at a more than affordable price.

A range of parts ready for your car

No matter what vehicle make or model you have, the worst thing you can hear when you need brake replacements or repairs is that you have to wait for a part to be ordered before you can get back on the road.


For your convenience, we have a range of different brakes that are just ready and waiting to be fitted. Here in Paisley, we're renowned for our low prices and we won't be beaten!


Keep your car safe on the road

We'll make sure that your brakes aren't posing a risk

See what we can do for you whether you're in Paisley, Neilston, Renfrew or any of the surrounding areas. Call us today on

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