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welding a stainless steel exhaust pipe

What's the trouble with your exhaust?

There are a variety of different tell-tale signs for when you need to contact us in Paisley for exhaust replacements.


Have you noticed physical damage from looking under your car, or can you hear the rattling of a loose component when you go over a bump in the road? Can you see more fumes being emitted than normal? Or do you hear a loud and deep noise every time that you accelerate?


Whether you need full exhaust replacements or a minor component swapped, we can help you.

Don't rack up unnecessary costs!

Faulty exhausts can lead to a variety of different financial consequences. Your fuel consumption will increase as a result of damaged parts, and you'll find yourself heading to the petrol station a lot more than normal.


It's also illegal to drive around with broken parts, and if caught, you could be handed a hefty fine!



For the experts in exhausts

Look no further than Green Hill Tyre & Exhaust Co

Take those worries away with our exhaust replacements in Paisley. Servicing all areas including Howwood, Kilmacolm and more, you can contact us on 0141 889 7870