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car suspension showing spring

Feeling a bit bumpier than normal?

Suspensions play a key role in ensuring that you can drive along without having to feel every single bump or hole in the road.


If your car is swaying or bouncing a lot more excessively than it usually does, even at low speeds, you can depend on us to resolve the issue. We'll bring back the feeling of having that new car ride again.


It's just as important that your shock absorbers are replaced as soon as possible. You may not know until it's too late, but we can routinely check their health for your peace of mind.

Drive in the direction you want to

An imbalance in your steering can cause you to veer in one direction as you're trying to drive along straight forwards. There are a number of different problems you can face with your steering column, and our specialists in Paisley can ensure that everything is returned to normal.


From replacing power-steering fluids, to tightening and loosening steering linkages, to checking the air pressure of your tyres, you can depend on us for a full service.

Enjoy a comfortable and smooth drive

Rely on our services for suspensions and steering

Having problems with your steering or

suspensions? Call us in Paisley today on

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